Local Author Showcase

November 18, 2017
Parker Library
2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Event Hall A/B ~ RSVP here

Enjoy light refreshments as you listen to 15 local authors talk about their books! Each author will spend 5 minutes discussing their work; a book sale and signing will follow.

Kevin Wolf – The Homeplace. Chase Ford was the first of four generations of Ford men to leave Comanche County, Colorado. For Chase, leaving saved the best and hid the worst. But now, he has come home. His friends are right there waiting for him. And so are his enemies. Then the murder of a boy, a high school basketball star just like Chase, rocks the small town. When another death is discovered―one that also shares unsettling connections to him―law enforcement’s attention turns towards Chase, causing him to wonder just what he came home to. He will mention his new book  Brokeheart as well.

Lee Mossel – Fracked to Death (Cortlandt Scott Thriller series). Geologist turned private investigator, Cortlandt Scott is called upon to protect Denver’s richest woman and is soon drawn into the fracking operation of a large company where he deals with everything from environmental activists to oilfield rivals and international terrorists while trying to maintain his own relationships.

Rita Lulay Malsch (Isabell von der Waldesruh) My Family, My Friends, My Life.  World War II was in full force when Rita Lulay Malsch, the youngest of four girls, was born in Heppenheim, Germany, where she inherited a love of the arts. Before the war ended, her father escaped, but the family of six faced terrible hardship when he died. Rita later married and moved to the United States. She ran licensed family day care, but she was hit by a drunk driver and suffered serious injuries leading to multiple surgeries.  Spine surgery number three left her paralyzed from the waist down. After a lengthy rehabilitation, Rita returned home. She also returned to her love of drawing and painting. The healing process taught her to, “exercise, trust God, paint, and take life as it comes.”

Laurel Jean Becker – Tales from Weaver Pond.  A fox, duck, goose, beaver, blue jay and owl must work together when Weaver Pond is threatened. Each must learn about self-acceptance, the importance of being different, the need to accept others, and dealing with loss.

Bruce Bowler – The Bankruptcy Alternative. People who have a failing or failed business have more options than declaring bankruptcy. This book talks about those options including self-managed liquidation and other helpful tips from someone who has been through it.

John Botdorf – Mastering Your Time Share. This book provides a guideline using proven techniques honed for 25 years for optimizing your travel, vacations, income and retirement with your time share portfolio. Botdorf is a five-time serial entrepreneur who has researched all aspects of maximizing time share use and trends.

Cynthia Kuhn – The Art of Vanishing (Lila Maclean Academic Mysteries #2).  When Professor Lila Maclean comes to interview celebrated author and notorious cad Damon Von Tussel, he disappears before her very eyes. The English department panics and chaos ensues, as Damon is supposed to headline Stonedale University’s upcoming Arts Week. The chancellor makes it clear that he expects Lila to locate the writer and set events back on track immediately. But someone appears to have a different plan: strange warnings are received, valuable items go missing, and a series of dangerous incidents threaten the lives of Stonedale’s guests.

Dallas Jones – Meet the Boys of Casper.  The first in a series. A coming of age story about six teenage boys in ninth grade as they navigate the challenges and adventures of adolescence in Casper, Wyoming, during the mid 1970s.

Brandy Bruce – The Last Summer. For twenty-something Sara Witherspoon and her group of friends, a perfect Southern summer includes lake-house getaways, wedding planning, outdoor concerts, and a dash of romance. But for these seven friends who love each other like family, this year, summer rolls in with changes for everyone.

J.L. McCarthy – Princess J. Warrior: The Birthday Surprise. Princess Jocelyn is having a birthday and her father has planned something big to celebrate. There is just one rule, she can’t peek at her present early. The princess must choose between obeying her father or listening to another voice from the castle. What will she decide?

Sheila Kinsman – Rhyming with Birds. Artist/author Sheila Kinsman captures the colorful lives and habits of 26 bird species with pastel paintings and whimsical poems. Rhyming With the Birds is the perfect gift for bird lovers, as well as for parents and grandparents to share with children who love rhymes and colorful pictures. At the end of the book there is a section of fun activities for young “bird brains” to do.

Barbara Lebsock – Princess Isabella and the Mystery of the Spooky Hilltop Cottage. It’s Halloween and Princess Isabella is excited to trick or treat with her friends. First, she must walk through the trees, up the hill and past the spooky cottage. Who are the boy and girl in the window, what is making those scary noises. Princess Isabella has a new mystery to solve.

Donna Cook – Tales of the Wind Vol. 1 The Tara Tree. It is the first in the Earth-friendly series. After a storm leaves an opening in the side of a mountain, four stranded animals decide to explore what might be inside and follow a path that leads them to a cave with a strange-looking tree. Huge flowers glow softly in the darkness, but without the sun, they are unable to open. While the animals rest under the tree, a shaft of sunlight streams into the cave, and at last, the flowers awaken, releasing golden dust that contains an ancient and powerful magic. It is not long before the animals discover the remarkable changes that have taken place within each of them. It will take more than magic, however, for them to find their way home again.

Lisa Reinicke – Arnold the Cute Little Pig with Personality. This story follows Lisa’s pet pig named Arnold. He was loved by everyone for his little “oink” songs and he was given many treats. He eventually learned that veggies and exercise were also good for pigs….with the occasional cookie treat. Lisa will also talk about David’s Christmas Wish, and Wings and Feet.

Darin Gibby – Gil. Twenty years before, high school coach Gil Gilbert gave up his dream to play professional baseball. When he miraculously discovers that he can pitch with deadly accuracy and speed, he must choose between his successful career and comfortable family life or his chance to play with the Colorado Rockies during a player’s strike. Gil stuns the pitching staff with 100 mph fastballs and is offered a contract. He joins and his world changes. Darin will also talk about his book Chasing Hindy.

Emily Littlejohn – A Season to Lie. In her follow up to her acclaimed debut Inherit the Bones, a twisted killer stalks his prey in the dead of winter. In Cedar Valley, police officer and new mother Gemma Monroe responds to a report at the school. She finds a savaged body of a man whose presence in town was meant to be a secret. The message left next to him said, “This is only the beginning.”

Tattered Cover Event


November 14, 2017 ~ Tattered Cover Bookstore (Colfax) ~ 7 pm

Jennifer Kincheloe, author of the Colorado Gold Award-winning The Secret Life of Anna Blanc, will discuss and sign The Woman in the Camphor Trunk: An Anna Blanc Mystery ($15.95 Seventh Street Books). In Chinatown, the body of a white woman is discovered in a trunk in the apartment of her Chinese lover. Police matron Anna Blanc and Detective Joe Singer attempt to quietly solve this crime in order to prevent violent backlash against the Chinese.

Barbara Nickless, author of the Colorado Book Award-winning Blood on the Tracks,  will discuss and sign Dead Stop ($15.95 Thomas & Mercer), about the search for a missing child that leads Special Agent Sydney Parnell and her K9 partner Clyde down a twisted trail of murder that stretches back thirty years.

Cynthia Kuhn, author of the Agatha Award-winning The Semester of Our Discontent, will present and sign The Art of Vanishing ($15.95 Henery Press), the second installment of her Lila Maclean Academic Mystery series. Professor Lila Maclean is sent to interview celebrated author and notorious cad Damon Von Tussel…but he disappears.



Sisters in Crime 30th Anniversary Party

You are invited to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Sisters in Crime with the Colorado chapter!

On Saturday, September 16, 2017, please join SinC-Colorado mystery authors at the Lone Tree Library from 1-3 pm for cake, chat, and book signings.

Free and open to the public.

Lone Tree Library, 10055 Library Way, Lone Tree, Colorado 80124 (303-791-READ)

This event is funded and presented by Sisters in Crime-Colorado and is not sponsored by Douglas County Libraries. For more information, please contact sinc.colorado@gmail.com.

Beach Hop Giveaway

Today at Facebook — the Take It To The Beach Hop Giveaway from Henery Press! There are 27 participating authors giving away prizes (mine is an e-copy of The Art of Vanishing and a $10 amazon gift card). Click through below to enter the first giveaway and to see a full list of participating authors. Good luck!